Delivering FCL to Amazon: Pallet Requirements

Prime Freight Prime Freight will partner with you to distribute FCL deliveries to FBA (Amazon Fulfillment) centres directly.

Here are the requirements to be followed in order to palletize your FCL delivery.

Here are the specifications to follow if your FCL shipment will be palletized.

Pallet Specifications General requirements and dimensions Use standard or EUR-pallets for stuffing Use GMA Grade B or higher, 40″x 48″/1 m x 1.25 m 4-way access, wooden pallets Any single pallet may not be taller than 72″ pallets with a maximum height of 100 “Max weight per pallet: 1,500 lbs. / 680.4 kg Other considerations GMA Grade A pallets are required for grocery items CHEP pallets meeting GMA Grade A and B industry standards are acceptable Do not ship items on PECO pallets, as these cannot be moved using a standard pallet jack Plastic pallets will be rejected by Amazon Securing the pallets Carton boxes must not have more than 1” overhand on either side of the pallet Use load bars and tension to secure the pallets (recommended but not required):


Pallet configuration Pallet loading should use a “turned” configuration, as illustrated here: