How do I calculate an Amazon FBA warehouse's UPS charges?

Follow the steps below to estimate the final delivery cost of using UPS to an Amazon FBA warehouse.

Go to the Prepare Shipment page after you’ve created your shipping plan in Amazon Seller Central.

1. Under Section 2: Delivery Service, select SPD and UPS.

Shipment Packaging, including the weight of the container (optional box dimensions) and press Confirm.

Estimated shipping costs were set out in

Shipping Charges: Do not recognise the charges.

Note: DHL may be the only small parcel delivery option for certain fulfilment centres in Germany. If you use DHL, you will need to arrange delivery, because DHL does not allow anyone to coordinate pickup except the Amazon seller. Prime Freight is going to coordinate with UPS SPD pickup.

Note that if you are using an Amazon-partnered carrier like UPS, Amazon, not Prime Freight, will charge you for final delivery charges.