Eastern Washouts: CN’s Response to Nova Scotia Floods

27 Jul Eastern Washouts: CN’s Response to Nova Scotia Floods


The recent heavy rains in Nova Scotia have caused significant damage and erosion, impacting various sectors in the region. One of the major entities affected is CN, the railway company that plays a crucial role in transportation and logistics. In this article, we will delve into CN’s response to the flood zone situation and how they are working diligently to restore rail services and provide alternative solutions for customers in the affected area.

Assessing Erosion and Expected Track Restoration:

In the wake of the devastating floods, CN has been actively assessing the extent of erosion throughout the flood zone. The company’s top priority is to ensure the safety of operations and passengers. Based on their evaluations, CN estimates that the railway track will be passable by Friday. However, the process of restoring the track to a safe condition may result in slow passage initially.

Clearing Stranded Traffic and Safe Startup:

The floods have led to the stranding of various traffic in the affected region. As CN gears up for the safe startup and resumption of rail services, they are working tirelessly to clear any stranded traffic to facilitate a smooth transition. The safety of both their staff and customers is of utmost importance, and CN is taking all necessary precautions to ensure a secure and efficient restart of operations.

Impact on Rail Service and Port of Halifax:

The severity of the storm and the resulting floods have significantly impacted rail service to and from Halifax and its surrounding areas. The Port of Halifax, a critical gateway for trade and commerce, has also been affected, resulting in disruptions to the supply chain. As CN works to restore services, it’s essential for customers to remain patient, as it may take a few days to fully recover and resume normal operations.

Alternative Solutions for Customers:

Understanding the urgency of delivering goods and services to the affected region, CN has taken proactive measures to address the situation. The company has increased truck capacity in Moncton, N.B., to offer customers viable alternatives for delivery while the rail services are being restored. This move demonstrates CN’s commitment to minimizing disruptions and supporting their clientele during this challenging period.

Collaboration and Support:

The aftermath of natural disasters requires a joint effort from various stakeholders, and CN is actively collaborating with local authorities and other relevant parties to expedite the restoration process. The railway company is also providing support to communities impacted by the floods, illustrating their dedication to being a responsible corporate citizen.


The recent heavy rains and flooding in Nova Scotia have posed significant challenges to CN and the transportation industry as a whole. However, CN’s swift response and commitment to safety and customer service stand as a testament to their resilience and dedication. As they continue to assess and address the erosion throughout the flood zone, CN is striving to restore rail services and provide alternative solutions to ensure the smooth flow of goods and commerce to and from the affected region. With concerted efforts and cooperation, the eastern washouts will gradually be overcome, and normalcy will be restored in the days to come.