Prime Freight Online Platform

With Prime Freight, you can do everything from booking shipments and messaging suppliers, to reconciling invoices and analyzing reports, all In one location. This means less searching time wasted through emails and spreadsheet wrangling, More time to concentrate on what matters.

Simplify Your Procurement Process

Prime Freight’s purchase order management system makes it easy for importers or buyers to connect with their overseas suppliers. Simply submit your purchase order in the online portal, and your supplier will get a link to respond, submit his documents, and organize a shipment. All your documents such as the commercial invoice, and house bills are now found in one central hub.

Know How Much You Are Spending

Importers can see the total cost including the shipping rate and the total value of the goods before confirming the order, all in one screen. Optionally add additional insurance to your order for your peace of mind.

Real-Time Visibility

The only true real time shipment tracking system in the world. Be in the know about your shipment, as it happens. The platform is connected to all major ports, shipping lines, ports and trucking companies to ensure our users have the most up to date information possible. Prime Freight connects to the GPS on every vessel your container is on to get a better ETA of your shipment than anyone else.

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Customizable to Fit Your Business

Need a custom integration to your own software? Our extensive API support enables you to connect real-time shipment data to your own systems. We also support custom workflows, reports, and approvals to fit your business needs.

How it works

Step 1

Create a purchase order for your the goods you would like to buy from your overseas supplier. This can either be created by your organization or theirs, but it must be approved by both parties. These orders can be synced to and from your existing PO management software. It is through this order where you can agree to the terms of sale, or incoterms.

Step 2

Prime Freight sends emails with quick links to both parties to approve your the order. Upon approval of the purchase order by both parties, your supplier receives a notification to upload his various documents including the commercial invoice, as well as notifies us when your goods will be ready for pick up at your agreed location.

Step 3

Your organization, the buyer or importer will receive a final booking confirmation in your email and in our portal. This will include the total cargo specifications, your projected eta, shipping route, and a cost breakdown of pieces, freight cost, insurance, and the cost of goods.

Step 4

Keep up to date about your shipment’s status and ETA through email & sms notifications, as well as in our portal. See all your important documents including bills of lading, invoices, packing sheets and more. You can also organize your deliveries and request freight expedite services.


One place to manage it all

Prime Freight takes your team, vendors and professionals together in order to maintain everyone on the same page. Your dashboard indicates your cargo’s place in real time at every step of your trip. And you get the visibility you need to take back control of your supply chain with visual alerts and updates from your operations team.


Simplify your billing

Our pricing is all-inclusive and easy. No concealed charges and itemized invoices mitigate the burden of accounting. See a line-by-line breakdown of both quotes and invoices, so you feel confident that you will understand what you are paying. Since Prime Freight shows the details side by side, it requires minutes instead of hours to reconcile invoices.


Decisions informed by data

Evaluate landed expenses, container use, and carbon emissions per shipment, or create custom reports in seconds to answer your most urgent questions.


Visibility of inventory

Minimize working capital while keeping stock concentrations of inventory. Reliable monitoring of shipments provides you trust when your products arrive and enables you to sell SKUs in transit.


Enabling your suppliers

When providers send reservations directly to Prime Freight, we will prepare a quote automatically and notify you for evaluation and approval. This implies less back and forth, and higher accountability through final shipment from ready-made cargo date.


Streamlining your operations

Stop searching through your inbox to locate shipment data. We give shipment-specific messaging: each shipment involves a feed for operation and a thread for in-line message to demonstrate what has been accomplished and what needs to follow.

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