LCL Freight

LCL optimized for speed, visibility, and security.

It can be unpredictable for LCL shipping services and conventional LCL options. But Prime Freight gives you access to a homegrown, exclusive, customer-only LCL network that spans nearly 500 nodes worldwide.

Prime Freight’s LCL Makes Your Supply Chain Better

Prime Freight’s LCL network provides unrivaled connectivity and cadence across major shipping routes, while enabling our customers to optimize working capital by providing on-demand inventory. When shipping to our LCL network, customers benefit from the combined scale of the entire Prime Freight customer community.

Better Controls for Reduced Variability

We use technology to make shipping smoother, digitize the data of each customer and check shipments to reduce the risk of customs inspections and delays. And by looking at performance data, we can advise on ports, terminals, and sailing schedules that move your LCL faster and more efficiently to your destination.

Reach More Customers. Faster.

Prime Freight has the expertise to prepare your cargo to meet the requirements of Amazon FBA, Target FC, Best Buy and other major retailers for delivery on your behalf.
Key Information and Ability to Get Answers, the platform of Anytime Prime Freight provides end-to-end visibility, with key milestone tracking using real-time GPS and third-party data. And there is a dedicated LCL team to handle any questions you have, as well as in-platform messaging capabilities to keep you up-to-date and in touch with your team.

Shipments That Fit Your Business. No matter which service you choose, you’ll always get the same convenience, visibility, and flexibility from Prime Freight’s services.

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