PrimeAllocation Forecasting

Reliable cargo space on your favourite trade lanes using our proprietary container allocation system.

Prime Freight uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically pre-allocate space on vessels based on your shipping habits.

Best of Both Worlds

Growing businesses are faced with choosing between speed and cost. Prime Freight gives you the flexibility of booking space efficiently without having to worry about roll-overs or sudden price hikes. Get container availability like you would with a guaranteed contract but with the flexibility of spot rates. Prime Freight’s platform lets you simply pick and choose when and where you want to ship simplifying your operations so you can focus on your business.


Container availability when booking

More Choice and Savings

Powered by Prime Freight’s global network of structured supply chain data on its Operating System for Global Trade, Prime Freight’s Pre-Allocation algorithm saves you money, while also giving you more choice on every ocean shipment.

How It Works

When you ship with Prime Freight, we monitor the volume on your shipping trade lanes. We combine this data with data provided by your suppliers as well as your PO management system or ERP using our proprietary artificial intelligence based machine learning algorithm. Once we have a forecast for your shipments, we pre-allocate space on vessels and negotiate the best price possible ahead of time.

Shipments That Fit Your Business. No matter which service you choose, you’ll always get the same convenience, visibility, and flexibility from Prime Freight’s services.


A dedicated team that knows your business

Prime Freight is a team of committed industry specialists with extensive knowledge of the market. With us, you experience a single representative who synchronizes everything. Better service at the right price.


Personal Service with proactive attention

We offer more customized service. Your unique challenges are our priority. Problems are proactively flagged before they become aggravations.


Consolidation that saves time and money

Consolidate your cargo with Prime Freight to take advantage of less-than-container-load pricing. You get the best service because we can source the best solutions. The right carriers. The fastest transit times.