Ocean Freight

Bring Your Ocean Freight to a New Level With cloud-based allocation software, Prime Freight makes it transparent, reliable and affordable to ship your cargo.

FCL Service

Favorable Rates and Reliable Capacity on Major Ocean Trade Lanes Our allocation management technology and diversified client portfolio allows us to have better reliability for clients and better predictability for ocean carriers, which results in better rates for your shipments.

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LCL Service

It can be unpredictable for LCL shipping services and conventional LCL options. But Prime Freight gives you access to a homegrown, exclusive, customer-only LCL network that spans nearly 500 nodes worldwide, optimized for speed, visibility, and security.

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Prime Match

Powered by Prime Freight’s global network of structured supply chain data on its Operating System for Global Trade, PrimeMatch is a first-of-its-kind ocean freight offering that finds the perfect cargo match to maximize container utilization – saving you money, while also giving you more choice on every ocean shipment.

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Multimodal Solutions

Whether it’s a full container or less than container loads – Prime Freight takes care of all your Sea Freight needs. Prime Freight has multimodal solutions to fit any supply chain, including special services for larger or odd items.

From ship to train to truck, your consignments can benefit from our efficient multimodal service. Have your containers stuffed at origin and arrive at their destination intact.

A Network With Over 20 Locations World Wide

Each location has sufficient storage for any businesses freighting needs. Our vast network of worldwide sites allows companies to more versatile with their shipping efforts. Knowing they will have a storage location when needed. Count on the speed and efficiency of our global network and freight services – complimented by free pick-up and delivery.

Get Real-Time Visibility

 Sail With Trusted Partners From simple FCL shipments to splitting LCL shipments to multiple destinations, Prime Freight has direct contracts across all major alliances, ensuring your cargo sails on the schedules you need with carriers you can trust. And you get more end-to-end visibility with Prime Freight’s network of GPS-tracked vessels and third-party data.

Prime Freight Warehousing Cuts Transit Times

By operating our own digitally connected warehouses, we efficiently transload, segregate, palletize, and label your cargo for delivery to multiple destinations. Managing these processes from the same facility where we de-consolidate your goods saves transit time and provides a typically reserved level of control for the largest shippers.

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Shipments That Fit Your Business. No matter which service you choose, you’ll always get the same convenience, visibility, and flexibility from Prime Freight’s services.


A dedicated team that knows your business

Prime Freight is a team of committed industry specialists with extensive knowledge of the market. With us, you experience a single representative who synchronizes everything. Better service at the right price.


Personal Service with proactive attention

We offer more customized service. Your unique challenges are our priority. Problems are proactively flagged before they become aggravations.


Consolidation that saves time and money

Consolidate your cargo with Prime Freight to take advantage of less-than-container-load pricing. You get the best service because we can source the best solutions. The right carriers. The fastest transit times.

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