Carbon Offset

Protect the environment and your bottom line

Make your supply chain more sustainable by going 100 percent carbon neutral and achieving your corporate responsibility objectives.

Green Environmental Impact

The shipping industry is one of the biggest pollution sources in the world. And their carbon footprint is an often ignored chance for individual businesses to make a enormous effect. For a tiny gift per carbon ton of your emissions, you can offset up to 100% of your deliveries. Just ask, and this is finished. Achieving sustainability objectives alongside your company objectives is an inexpensive, simple, and high-impact way.

Ship Carbon Neutral For People And The Planet

Donations are invested in licensed initiatives such as renewable energy or deforestation avoidance. You will also be eligible for globally accredited distinctions, including the designation Carbonfree ® Shipping. And all gifts are tax deductible at 100 percent.

You can use the free Carbon Emissions Calculator from Prime Freight to track and analyze your carbon footprint in real time, whether you are shipping with us or not. You can show the quantitative good that your organisation is doing with our calculator and reporting. At the same moment, you can use our pre-shipping carbon calculator to decide on the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible techniques to move your freight.