Save time, save money and boost the flexibility and responsiveness of your business by putting your warehousing and distribution needs in the hands of Prime Freight.

Offering customized warehousing solutions and, where needed, customized transportation solutions for a vast variety of clients and businesses, we have the capacity and the know-how to assist importers, exporters and local companies with all their third-party warehousing and distribution needs.

Service Highlights


Order Fulfillment Pick & Pack

Offering reliable, responsive order fulfillment services, Prime Freight will pick, pack and dispatch individual and bulk orders to your customers.


Kitting & Tagging

Our professional order fulfillment services include accurate assembly of multiple items into single shipments and pre-shipment tagging of your goods.


Deconsolidation & Cross-docking

Looking for quick and reliable ‘break bulk’ services? Prime Freight breaks down shipments of any size into smaller shipments and then process those shipments for immediate delivery by any number of couriers or freight companies. There’s no need for any of your goods to enter our inventory system.


Reverse Logistics After-sales Service

Keeping your company as profitable as possible depends on unmatched strength in every link of your supply chain, including moving goods from their ‘final’ destinations for proper disposal or to recapture value.


Online Inventory Visibility

Your secure online connection to all of your goods under Prime Freight’s care – you can keep a finger on the real-time pulse of your inventory and its movements. We use Radio Frequency Scanning Technology for the most accurate tracking and inventory management.


Customizable to Fit Your Business

Need a custom integration to your own software? Our extensive API support enables you to connect real-time shipment data to your own systems. We also support custom workflows, reports, and approvals to fit your business needs.


Flexible Storage Solutions

From bulk storage for stackable cargo to racking system storage for smaller items, Prime Freight has storage solutions that fit your needs.


State-of-the-art Warehouse Management Systems

A robust and reliable WMS is crucial to the integrity of your supply chain. Prime Freight delivers the systems and processes you need to make the storage, movement, and transfer of your goods seamlessly smooth.


Central Monitored Alarm Security System

With Prime Freight, the uncompromised security of your goods goes without saying.

Shipments That Fit Your Business. No matter which service you choose, you’ll always get the same convenience, visibility, and flexibility from Prime Freight’s services.


A dedicated team that knows your business

Prime Freight is a team of committed industry specialists with extensive knowledge of the market. With us, you experience a single representative who synchronizes everything. Better service at the right price.


Personal Service with proactive attention

We offer more customized service. Your unique challenges are our priority. Problems are proactively flagged before they become aggravations.


Consolidation that saves time and money

Consolidate your cargo with Prime Freight to take advantage of less-than-container-load pricing. You get the best service because we can source the best solutions. The right carriers. The fastest transit times.

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