FCL Freight

The Prime Freight FCL ocean service provides end-to-end transparency, top-tier carriers and major lane access

Customized help on all shipping options

Prime Freight offers hundreds of FCL sailings that work with your supply chain dynamics. With a wide range of services, we have origin and destination teams that can help optimize each shipment for cost, route, or time of transit.

Ship with Trusted Carriers and Unmatched Visibility

Prime Freight has direct contracts across all major alliances to ensure that your cargo sails are on the schedules you need with trusted carriers. And you get more end-to-end visibility with Prime Freight’s network of GPS-tracked vessels and third-party data.

Prime Freight FCL Premium Service Offerings

Prime Freight provides a Premium Guaranteed service on most Asian sailings. This ensures that the most urgent cargo of our customers arrives on time at the destination. Favorable rates and reliable capacity on major ocean trading lanes Our allocation management technology and diversified portfolio of customers enable us to have better customer reliability and better predictability for ocean carriers, resulting in better rates for your shipments.

Shipments That Fit Your Business. No matter which service you choose, you’ll always get the same convenience, visibility, and flexibility from Prime Freight’s services.

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