Forwarder Anger as Scanner Malfunctions Hit Bangladesh Air Exports Again

11 Apr Forwarder Anger as Scanner Malfunctions Hit Bangladesh Air Exports Again

Dhaka Airport, Bangladesh – The export flow of air cargo from Dhaka, Bangladesh is once again under severe strain. This disruption comes as a result of ongoing issues with explosive-detection scanners (EDSs) at the airport, threatening the efficiency of cargo operations amid rising demand.

Currently, only one of the airport’s EDS machines is operational, creating significant backlogs as air cargo demand and rates out of Bangladesh have surged this year. The malfunctioning equipment has resulted in substantial congestion, causing frustration among freight forwarders and exporters who rely on timely shipments.

Visual reports from the site show boxes piling up at cargo villages within Dhaka Airport, reminiscent of previous congestions caused by similar issues. The image captured during a prior incident illustrates the extent of the problem, with stacks of cargo waiting to be processed and cleared for departure.

This is not the first time Dhaka Airport has faced such challenges. The recurring nature of these malfunctions raises questions about the long-term solutions and investments needed to secure a more reliable cargo processing infrastructure at the airport. Industry stakeholders are urging immediate action to address these malfunctions. They emphasize the need for additional scanners and better maintenance practices to prevent future disruptions that could undermine the airport’s role as a critical hub in regional and international trade networks.

The situation at Dhaka Airport serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining robust logistics and security infrastructure to support the growing demands of global commerce, especially in emerging markets like Bangladesh.