Latest Update on Collective Agreement Negotiations at Port of Montreal

24 Apr Latest Update on Collective Agreement Negotiations at Port of Montreal

Proposal Rejection by CUPE – Local 375

On April 22, the members of the Longshoremen’s Union at the Port of Montreal, represented by CUPE – Local 375, cast their votes and decided to reject the proposal submitted by the MEA. This decision underscores the ongoing negotiations and the complexities involved in reaching a mutual agreement that satisfies all parties.

Mediation Sessions Underway

In response to the rejected proposal, both parties convened for mediation sessions on consecutive days, April 22 and April 23. These sessions are part of a structured attempt to bridge the gaps and move towards a resolution that prevents further disruptions at the port.

No Strike Mandate as Negotiations Continue

Importantly, the Longshoremen’s Union has not yet voted on a strike mandate. A formal vote is necessary to issue a 72-hour strike notice, which is a prerequisite for any strike action. The absence of such a vote means that there are no imminent strike plans, and thus, no current threats to port operations.

Operations at the Port of Montreal

As of now, all port facilities remain fully operational and accessible. There is no interruption in the services, ensuring that trade flows and logistical operations continue as usual at the Port of Montreal.

Commitment to Transparency and Communication

The Montreal Port Authority remains dedicated to keeping stakeholders informed about the status of negotiations and any significant developments. Transparency and open communication are key to maintaining trust and managing expectations during these critical times.