18 Mar Prime Freight Logistics Inc Launches a New Unique Portal to Facilitate Shipments

Earlier today, Prime Freight Logistics Inc announced the official launch of its new unique
communication portal which has been in development since 2017 and was pre-launched in
February 2019. The main aim of this unique portal is to allow importers in North America to
submit purchase orders directly to their suppliers overseas and then the suppliers can send a
booking request directly to Prime Freight Logistics. One Platform for all members to
collaborate. This means less back and forth, and greater accountability from cargo ready date
through final delivery.

Neil Sabharwal, managing director at Prime Freight Logistics Inc, says: “We wanted to try
something new with this unique portal. Anyone familiar with the freight transport market knows
how most freight companies communicate using multiple mediums like phone, email, SMS
making conversations inefficient. This is a problem because often times this causes delays and
mistakes that could have been avoided.”

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, Prime Freight Logistics Inc now centralizes all
communications via a unique portal to facilitate the process. Essentially, Prime Freight
Logistics Inc chose to develop this technology to make it easier for all parties involved to setup
shipments seamlessly and fast.

Neil Sabharwal also said “We want to give our customers responsibility and control over their
supply chain. With our new portal, it is now possible. Along with control, we want our
customers to have peace of mind, knowing everything is going to go as planned with no
surprises when using our service.”

Prime Freight Logistics Inc has been in business for a little over 20 years, being established in
December 11, 1998. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to make freight transport as simple and
predictable as possible.

When Prime Freight Logistics Inc decided to defy convention, back in 2017, 6 months later
they launched a BETA version of their new portal and the impact was immediate. They noticed
a significant reduction in the time it took to set up shipments along with much less last minute

The find out more about Prime Freight Logistics Inc new communication portal which officially
launched in February 2019, please visit https://PrimeFreight.com/