How it works

Step 1

Create a purchase order for your the goods you would like to buy from your overseas supplier. This can either be created by your organization or theirs, but it must be approved by both parties. It is here where you can agree to the terms of sale, or incoterms. Prime Freight sends emails with quick links to approve your purchase order.

Step 2.

Upon approval of the purchase order by both parties, your supplier receives a notification to upload his various documents including the commercial invoice, as well as notifies us when your goods will be ready for pick up at your agreed location.

Step 3

You receive a final booking confirmation in your email and in our portal. This will include the total cargo specifications, your projected eta, shipping route, and a cost breakdown of pieces, freight cost, insurance, and the cost of goods.

Step 4

Keep up to date through email & sms notifications, as well as in our portal. See all your important documents including bills of lading, invoices, packing sheets and more. You can organize your deliveries and request freight expedite services.