TCRC Bargaining Update CPKC

01 May TCRC Bargaining Update CPKC

With the assistance of federal conciliators, CPKC and the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) leadership are meeting again this week to continue negotiations to renew the collective agreements for both our Train and Engine (T&E) and Rail Traffic Controller (RCTC) employees. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the parties remain far apart.

Under the Canada Labour Code, yesterday, April 30, was the last day of the 60-day conciliation period. The parties now begin a mandatory 21-day period of mediation with federal mediators. If the parties do not reach new collective agreements during the mediation period, a legal work stoppage could occur as early as Wednesday, May 22. The Canada Labour Code requires a minimum of 72-hours notice prior to a strike or lockout.

A work stoppage will impact all Canadians. It will halt freight traffic on CPKC’s Canadian rail network. It would disrupt essential supply chains throughout North America, and significantly constrain trade between Canada and the U.S. and Mexico. Commuter services hosted on CPKC’s network in Montreal (Exo), Toronto (Metrolinx), and Vancouver (West Coast Express) will be unable to operate.

CPKC does not want a work stoppage. We remain focused on, and dedicated to, reaching balanced, responsible agreements through the collective bargaining process. CPKC is committed to negotiating in good faith and responding to our employees’ desire for higher pay and improved work-life balance, while respecting the best interests of all our railroaders, their families, our customers, and the North American economy.

CPKC has made two distinct offers to the TCRC leadership. Both options provide significant benefits for our employees and fully comply with new Canadian regulatory requirements for rest. They do not in any way compromise safety. To say or suggest otherwise is false. The first offer provides significant pay increases made possible by a simplified time-based method of pay and improved work-life balance through schedule predictability and set days off. The second offer proposes competitive wage increases and maintains the status quo for the balance of the collective agreement, with one exception: addressing a single pay item at the away from home terminal to account for the new regulated rest regime in Canada.

The TCRC leadership and CPKC are meeting this week and scheduled to meet again during the week of May 13.