The U.S. Market

01 Feb The U.S. Market

Market Overview

LA/LB port congestion remains with over 100 vessels anchored at any given time while idle ships have increased across Oakland, Charleston, New York, and Savannah. Trucking rejection rates hover around 20% for 2022 versus the 5% seen in 2020 pointing to the lack of capacity to meet current demand. Productivity via USEC & USWC remains low due to reduced workforce, as well as general chassis and truck shortages which are being seen across all U.S. markets.

On a positive note, carriers have been reporting improved rail dwell times on the west coast, with an average of 3.5 days dwell, down from 9 days in early November. LA/LB congestion penalties have been pushed back (again) and our partners report it is unlikely to see implementation altogether. U.S. container yards and rail ramps are trying to restore cargo fluidity that has been disrupted from punishing rain and snowstorms hitting key hubs.