West Coast: General increase in dwell times

04 Jan West Coast: General increase in dwell times

Recently, West Coast terminals have experienced a notable increase in dwell time, affecting the efficient flow of goods. The surge is linked to various factors, with Suez Canal re-routings being a major contributor. Dwell time, the duration cargo containers spend at terminals, has risen across the West Coast, impacting the entire logistics chain and causing delays for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

The Suez Canal, a vital maritime route, historically connected the East and West. Disruptions and re-routings have redirected a significant volume of shipping traffic to West Coast terminals, straining their capacity and causing congestion. This influx has led to a rise in dwell time as vessels have opted for longer routes, affecting cargo handling synchronization. Currently, as shown above, the West Coast’s average dwell time is just under 10 days, with Centerm having the highest average at 15 days.