How do delays in the delivery affect your business?

29 Mar How do delays in the delivery affect your business?

Hello, I found an interesting article online the other day and I thought you would appreciate it so here is an abbreviated version here:

While you can control everything about your product, the fact is that you cannot control delivery. It is impossible to manage shipping on your own, especially if you ship outside your region. So, the larger your network, the more you have to depend on a third party vendor.

A shipment delay messes with customer experience. And from the customer’s perspective, if his shipment arrives later than promised, he blames the brand and not the shipper. Quick delivery and transparent shipping operations greatly influences customer’s perception of the brand.

So how can a shipper salvage the situation and save their brand image?

The article goes into a few options and most of them are ”reactive”  BUT the most important one is ”proactive” and it’s called: TRACKING

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You can check out the integral article here: